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Beauty tools reimagined.

Beauty Tools Reimagined.

We believe in good skincare for all. We take high-tech solutions out of the doctor’s office and put them in the palm of your hand. Our award-winning Auraa™ Skincare Wand combines 4 powerful skincare technologies - red light therapy, microcurrents, gentle massage, and heat therapy - for the ultimate 5-minute daily treatment.

With clinical technology and powerful results, achieving good skin is easy with Auraa™.

Radiate Confidence, Glow with Auraa™.

    Established in 2022, Auraa is driven by a commitment to revolutionize skincare accessibility, crafting innovative at-home red light therapy tools that empower individuals to achieve professional-grade results without the need for costly dermatologist visits, making radiant skin achievable at any price point.

    Our Story
    • Red Light Therapy

      LED red light helps skin rejuvenation and reducing breakouts and blemishes.

    • Microcurrents

      Microcurrent stimulates collagen production and cell renewal to remove signs of aging.

    • Gentle Massage

      Vibrations creates a gentle massage that helps reduce puffiness, dark spots, and dark circles.

    • Heat Therapy

      Therapeutic warmth helps your skin absorb skin care products and reduce redness.

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